📖 Why an ONLINE course?

📖 Why an ONLINE course?

Before March 2020, teaching languages online was something I only ever did with teenagers or adults.

But that was before.

This year has shaken how we do things, and whilst I was at first reluctant to teach small children through a screen, the huge benefits that come with online teaching soon became apparent:

- Parents can finally get involved - as much or as little as they wish, but they can.

- Children are taught from the comfort of their own home, where they feel safe and are ready to learn - straight away.

- Can't commit to a set time and day? No problem. You can watch our weekly lesson whenever it is convenient for you to do so.

- No more after-school organisational nightmares: Florence and Loulou will join you at home to entertain and educate you and your child.

- Follow your child's natural pace: get to know how your child learns and adjust the pace accordingly. Classes can be paused or watched as many times as necessary.

- Join from anywhere in the world - no more missed classes for when you are away from home.

- Involve your child's support network: grandparents, childminders and even siblings; let's get the whole family learning together, at no extra cost!

- Get that community feel: when you sign up to this course, you are invited to join our private Facebook group, a community of like-minded parents with whom you can share all your language-related doubts, wins, lows and highs.

- An invitation to join our LIVE Singalong and Holiday classes (Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas) - at a reduced price. These sessions are less structured than our actual classes, but are a fantastic way to keep the connection going and 'meet' other families and classmates.

- Something for YOU. As a parent, and perhaps especially as a first-time parent in the COVID-era, things can be really tough, and you may have felt isolated or lonely. With this course, you can develop a new skill for yourself, whilst spending enjoyable, quality time with your child.

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