📖 Why this course?

📖 Why this course?

Unlike other course out there, this course is fully immersive and has been tested over the past three years, when I taught face-to-face baby, toddler and children's French classes in North-London.

All courses are taught by me, Florence, the founding director at Coucou Loulou, but also native speaker, multilingual, parent to three multilingual children myself and a qualified languages teacher with over 18 years' teaching experience.

Moreover, I am a self-confessed language-aholic and am never not learning or creating exciting new learning journeys.

And if you're into this sort of thing, there is a bit of mindset and 'woo' weaved in too. Learning a language requires some dedication and a bit of a plan (more on that later), but it also needs to come from the heart.

Learning a new language needs to come from the heart.

Your child's and your own success will depend on how strong and how positive the emotional connection to the new language is, and what positive association and memories you are building - together.

And finally, my aim is to make this journey as fun and enjoyable as possible. I know firsthand how important the first encounter with a new language is (you can read more about this here), and I will make it the best it can be, for you and your child.

I am committed to ensuring your child will LOVE their French classes and I want their first memories of learning French to be positive ones, in order to get them off to the best ever start on their language learning journey.

You needn't worry about coaxing them into doing this; THEY will be asking YOU!

And finally - they will not see this as an academic subject, but as a hobby. So you needn't worry about coaxing them into doing this; THEY will be asking YOU!

So you really are in very safe hands!